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Michigan Wolves Hawks East 2019 Tryout Schedule


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Preseason Training

August 13-16

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Michigan Wolves Hawks East 2019 tryout Registrations

2018/19 Coaching Assignments

2012/13 Boys MYSL Joe Carolan/Reed Losee 248-495-8927 / 248-495-2890
2012/13 Girls MYSL John Phillips 248-521-0706
2011 Boys MYSL Joe Carolan/Reed Losee 248-495-8927 / 248-495-2890
2011 Girls MYSL John Phillips 248-521-0706
2010 Boys MYSL Joe Carolan 248-495-8927
2010 Girls MYSL Reed Losee 248-495-2890
2009 Boys MYSL Rob Euashka 248-701-2379
2009 Girls MYSL Erin Rodger 586-337-0880
2008 Boys MYSYA DA / MYSL Ty Hassan 586-718-4565
2008 Girls MYSYA DA / MYSL Erin Rodger 586-337-0880
2007 Boys MYSYA DA / MYSL Ty Hassan 586-718-4565
2007 Girls MYSYA DA / MYSL Reed Losee 248-495-2890
2006 Boys MSPSP / MYSL John Phillips 248-521-0706
2006 Girls MSPSP / MYSL Reed Losee 248-495-2890
2005 Boys MSPSP-MRL / MYSL Ty Hassan/Jason Davis 586-718-4565 / 248-379-2139
2005 Girls MSPSP-MRL John Phillips 248-521-0706
2004 Boys MSPSP / MYSL Jason Davis 248-379-2139
2004 Boys (Fall 8th Graders) MSPSP / MYSL Paul Kastens/ Reed Losee 313-919-4004 / 248-495-2890
2004 Girls MSPSP Kristi Tomczyk 586-484-2196
2003 Boys MSPSP - MRL John Phillips 248-521-0706
2004 Girls (Spring 8th Graders) MSPSP - MYSL Kristi Tomczyk 586-484-2196
2003 Girls MSPSP Paul Kastens 313-919-4004
2002 Boys MSPSP - MRL / MSPSP Jason Davis / Paul Kastens 248-379-2139 / 313-919-4004
2002 Girls MSPSP Joe Carolan 248-495-8927
2001/00 Boys MSPSP John Phillips 248-521-0706
2001/00 Girls MSPSP Rob Euashka 248-701-2379

Learn about us

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Michigan Wolves-Hawks East and 2SP Sports form exclusive partnership

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Michigan Wolves-Hawks East

The Michigan Wolves-Hawks East is an extension of the Livonia based Wolves-Hawks Organization, following the same commitment to excellence that produced eight National Championships, countless Collegiate Student Athletes, and numerous Professionals.  Players from the Wolves-Hawks EAST will be fully integrated into the Wolves-Hawks philosophy, and will share opportunities to participate in the highest levels of soccer in the US, including the US Soccer Development Academy, the Elite Clubs National League (ENCL), and the Midwest Regional League (MRL). 

The Michigan Wolves Hawks East offers a dedicated and highly motivated team of coaches and administrators who truly care about developing players.  We strive to deliver high quality at a lower cost versus many other clubs in the area.

Uncompromising Quality At An Affordable Price

Our Competitive Program (Premier Teams)

  • u8 - u18 teams
  • 11 month Training Program
  • Dedicated, Professional Licensed Coaches 
  • Premier Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
  • Pre-season Week
  • Specialized Goalkeeper Training
  • Winter Team Training

We May Have the Spot You Need

Younger players are almost always welcome to join. The Michigan Wolves Hawks East use player pools to develop younger players. This enables us to add players and build teams very easily. 

For spots available on our older teams, please watch our Facebook page for updates ( 

If you are interested in checking us out, please contact John Phillips at 248-521-0706 or


The Leagues in which Our Players Compete


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